Problems of a business owner are vast – I like to remind everyone of them now and again!

I went to a networking event today and decided that my 40 seconds had to be more punchy – get the audience to realise why they need a VA. The main reason for this as I still don’t hear those immortal words ‘you are just what I need’ – well not enough for my liking!

A VA – Virtual Assistant – that word ‘assistant’, a helper, nothing important, just a runaround! A VA is far from that. As business owners we bring so much to the table – we know your struggles, we know your pain and we know how to overcome these and reduce your pain. We know the problems of a business owner!

When I hear that businesses want more clients, want to grow and expand but still insist on doing it all themselves it frustrates me. I refer them to bigger businesses – do they do it on their own – no. So I told them – no pussy footing around today – they have people:

  • To answer their phone
  • To make their appointments
  • To book the hotel and train tickets
  • To create their contracts
  • To research the information
  • To update their CRM
  • To create and send out their marketing

They have people – they have a team – they have a PA!

I then went on Twitter to identify those things that they are doing – and wasting their time. Do any of these resonate with you?:

  • Not enough hours in the day? Chasing your tail? Dashing everywhere? Need some help?
  • We all have the same number of hours – it’s how we fill it. Are you doing stuff you shouldn’t be doing?
  • Pass it over. I’ll do that. Not a problem. Music to your ears?
  • Spread the news. Create the piece. Share on all platforms. Respond to comments. So much time. How much time?
  • Create a spreadsheet – update daily/weekly. Get the right figures. How much time? What’s your time worth?
  • Set it up. Check all know. Double check all going to turn up. Ask for info. Check docs ready. How much time?
  • Read it once. Errors found. Read it again. Few more tweaks. Read again. Still more to correct. How much time?
  • Find a supplier. Try again. Call and email. Try another. So much time – what’s your time worth?
  • Not received a quote. Call again. Email again. How many times? How much time wasted?
  • Start a blog. Continue a blog. Nearly finished. Now an image. How long to publish your blog?
  • So many invoices outstanding. Chase payments. Again and again?
  • Chasing a response – again and again. How many times? How much time taken?
  • Creating that contract – and again – and again. Easy jobs x lots of time = time wasted!
  • Couldn’t get through to that contact – will try later – how many times do you try? How much time does it take?

To grow your business you need help – there really is not enough hours in the day and not using your time effectively will cause problems for a business owner.

Using a VA enables you to grow your business – but also allows you to have time off! Essential for every business owner.

Have you identified the problems of a business owner that relate to you? Please do get in touch to discuss where Virtual Hand can help you to reduce your time wasting activities – and spend time doing what you love, with the ones you love, more often.