This is so doable!

Virtual is definitely a way of the future; it benefits all. Grow your business with a virtual team.

One-man-bands – enables them to do what they love and not get dragged into areas they know nothing about or don’t want to know about.

SME – giving them extra support without employing someone. When I think of employing I think of losing even more time! The whole process of getting someone onboard, integrating and keeping on board.

Larger organisations – I see using a virtual person as a retention option. Allowing your staff to do more of what they love and outsourcing the jobs they put off, rush to complete and may be the tipping point to them finding other employment.

So, if you’re looking to do more of what you love, retain the staff you have and build a team that supports your growth plan and earning more virtual is definitely the way to go.

Read here my latest guest blog for Yorkshire Powerhouse. On their site you will find such a mountain of information and downloadables – it’s a goldmine.

Grow a business without employing people

When we set up in business we realise that it’s hard on our own – there are lots of tasks that need to be done. That ‘stuff’ is not what we do – it’s our responsibility to do the ‘doing’ in our business – but when it comes to things like finance, marketing, PR, admin and office stuff we can be lost!

The world of business has changed fundamentally and the world of employment in its wake has changed also. Employing staff is risky – can they do the work, is it as good as ours, what about when they are sick or holidays – extra cost for you and no work being done. All these questions and quandaries – it’s a minefield. There is a solution!

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