Reasons to hire a VA are individual – very few people have all the same reasons because people are all different.

However, the main reasons will be a growing business and those wanting balance in their life. But how do you recognise when the right time is – too early and it may feel like you’re wasting money and too late and invariably it will be a struggle and not worth the pain.

Too early

Without the income to support additional help – but maybe on a promise of a big contract – it can become a lead weight around your neck, especially if you have gone down the employment route. However, when using a VA you can put things in motion such as discuss tasks, complete paperwork, agree systems or even start really small to learn about each. Then when more work comes in, more tasks are allocated and that confidence is established and the relationship grows successfully.

Too late

This is a major problem for both parties. If the business owner is very busy, working long hours, maybe even missing opportunities or deadlines then the added pressure of a new person to bring onboard can be too much. There is still an element of teaching, sharing, educating when you take onboard a VA (just to learn about you and your business) so if this is not built into the expectation the experience will not be good. If the business owner feels they can email work and then fall off the radar; leaving the VA stranded without the opportunity of asking questions, both parties become frustrated and it ‘doesn’t work’. This further muddies the water for new VAs to help or for the business owner to delegate/share the responsibility.
So when should we be looking for help – and to be honest this could mean employing someone – but with the flexibility, skill set and able to turn on the tap on request – the VA option surely comes out on top – let’s look at 5 reasons to hire a VA;that could indicate help is needed and the search should begin.

Frazzle time

How often are you experiencing ‘frazzle time’? Meaning, how often is it full on and you are running from pillar to post, not feeling that progress is being made and generally that it is running away from you. If this is once a month then perhaps it’s not a problem, yet. However, should this be happening on a weekly basis – the time has arrived.

No weekend downtime

Are you weekends just more workdays? We all need our downtime, time for family and friends (as well as ourselves), it allows us to relax, take time out and in this state new ideas are formed. If your weekends are just merging and you don’t get that break (unless you’ve substituted two days during the week of course) then the time has arrived.

It’s not fun anymore

If you’re business is not fun anymore and you are doing things that are not enjoyable, are not your skill set and the ‘good stuff’ is few and far between. When working we can identify those jobs that are ‘ours’ and should be done; but there are many others which can and, in my opinion, should be outsourced. Time is precious and you should be doing the things you love and what move you closer to your goals. If you’re list of ‘should do’ is not getting done – the time has arrived.

Getting up is hard

We always say that if you love what you do then you look forward to a new day, new opportunities and working towards your goals. If, however, this is not the case and the morning just brings misery and a to-do list that goes on and on; never decreasing – the time has arrived.

The four walls are too familiar

Do you get out to meet new people, build new relationships, new collaborations and continue to grow your business? When the work keeps your head down with no fresh faces, interesting conversations and increased motivation we can become stale, dull and very inward. The time has arrived.

Just five reasons to hire a VA that could indicate that the time to grow, get help and do more of what you love.

Virtual Hand has a team of ladies whose only aim is to be part of your team and directly influence the growth of your business. Start a dialogue, get to recognise what you should be doing and what opportunities are available to you. Here’s another great blog about Starting with a VA.

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