Starting with a VA or just looking at getting someone to help you:

Thinking about working with another person can be worrying or exciting – two extremes for a small business owner to share their ‘baby’, their ‘dream’ with someone else. Choosing someone to build your business is a very important step to take as well as the biggest mistake you could make! There are many options available; full time, part time, temporary, family member, friend, a friend of a friend, graduate, stranger from an agency – where to start?

One option that may come to mind is to work with a VA but that again comes with considerations; who, how, where, what: who will be best, how will you communicate, where will they be based, what work will they undertake. In a previous post I looked at when the best time to make that transition would be so here I have a Working with a VA document that will help you to put together (or be aware of) the many areas of information that would need to pass between the two of you.

Please do take a look as it will certainly highlight the importance of the relationship and the many areas a VA could help you with but you will need a variety of information available to enable that to happen. Getting it together now will work two-fold for you. It will be ready for when you do get help and it will be there for your use when trying to find a variety of information for your business. Although these are areas a VA can help you with it will also be applicable if you take on staff in some form within your office. Although saying that, VA’s can work at your premises too.

Here’s just a hint at what’s required:

  • Logons for email, twitter, facebook, website, (depending on job to be undertaken)
  • Communication style
  • Software used (for compatibility)
  • Other contacts available re invoicing, urgent issues

I do hope this is useful and will help you have important information in one place to enable you to grow your business.

Employing staff is a whole new ball game with its own set of rules. Working with a VA is an option that a great many business people are turning to. Check out my book on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant. Available on Amazon by clicking here.

Learn how you can work with Virtual Hand; how your business can grow and how you can communicate better with your audience.