When do you decide to get help?

As a business owner; doing all the things that are involved in running a business as well as selling a product/service you quickly realise that in order for you to grow and increase your revenue you must get help.

Help comes in the form of different guises such as an accountant, a telemarketer, PR, admin support or marketing specialist.

When does that realisation turn into a decision and action?

I have three options for you:

Firstly, when you are maxed out. Not enough hours in the day and work spills over to the evenings and weekend: spoiling your family time and hobby time. But is it too late? Will you have time to train someone to do it as you want it to be done; in the same way or explore new and more efficient ways. How long will it take for you to stop looking over their shoulder, double checking their work and feel confident it will be accurate and timely? Do you now have the time to do it right?

Next, when you have decided that a specific task is not your favourite and can be done by a trained person – are you just playing at that aspect of your work and it’s stopping you expanding and focussing on the work you love?

The third option is to outsource straight away. If a task is not on your “good at” or “want to do” list; do something about it. Realising that someone skilled and passionate will achieve higher sales, more leads, better branding and more efficient support to your business that you ever could – because that is not your passion.

Get help

Outsourcing, getting help, focussing on your passion will enable your business to grow.

Identify 3 things you do not enjoy and look at ways to improve the outcome or find someone who can.

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