Do you use your time effectively? Here’s some time saving tips to help you to be more effective.

You have a day planned at your desk with a number of tasks that need to be addressed; phone calls to be made, emails to be answered, articles to be written, blogs to be uploaded – is it planned or do you jump in with both feet first?

Plan your day – At the end of the previous day or the first 10 minutes of the day plan your jobs to be done. List them in groups of “like” work and put times to them. This will show you how long it actually takes or stop you tweaking, changing and editing again and again.

When do you work best Some people will do their favourite job first and leave those things that they don’t till later – but do you consider when you are most productive? Do you work better first thing in the morning or in the afternoon or even in the evenings.

What to do first? This links with the previous note; do you do what you like first or tackle those you don’t like to get them out of the way? Look at your more productive times of the day and tackle the jobs you don’t like as you will get them done quicker and better at these times.

Tackle the work Use the timings you have set to tackle the work. If the article isn’t coming together; try later, don’t waste your time.

Work not done At the end of the day if there is work that has not been completed decide if to carry it over or delete altogether. Plan your next day.

I hope these tips will help you to use your time effectively and more efficiently.

However, if your time is best spent out of the office with your clients on increasing your revenue opportunities; maybe you should consider outsourcing those tasks that do not increase your revenue?

Busy business owners and successful trainers all struggle from time to time to get everything done in the working day. That’s why we put together our list of favourite tips, tricks, and real life examples that you can use to start doing more with the time you have. Download your free copy here.

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