My 30 Day Blogging Challenge continues.

The tag [TIME SAVED] shows you where a Virtual Assistant (such as Virtual Hand) can save you time by doing these elements. This allows you to do what you love in your business as well as what you are good at.

Rebranding is a challenge for many a business and as a trainer it may mean the change of many documents, materials, images and for you is that just holding you back because it will take so long?

We are continually working on our business. In the beginning we develop a new brand; this includes our logo, website, message, colours etc. As time goes on and our business evolves this may not be the right fit for your new and improved business.


It feels wrong to move forward when your marketing materials are not representing your business to the best and you have to keep scribbling new contact information on your business cards. Always apologising for the handouts or actually missing valuable enquiries because they don’t have the right contact information.

In addition, the materials you use may actually move across really easily but they are out of date with the business information – logo, colours, contact and social media links. Small tweaks may be needed to bring them up to date and reflect more closely your new vision.

It would be ideal if it could be done quickly and swiftly but it usually becomes a gradual process – updating specific courses as they appear on the calendar to deliver, checking and double checking the links and sizes of logo’s and writing on documentation. Cross matching your materials so they are consistent, clear and accurate – across them all.

Where do you start?

Is it going to be a gradual change (especially if you don’t want to draw attention to the changes) and the changes are minimal. A client of mine did this recently when she wanted to change her business name very slightly – she started with getting a logo, changing the email and website address and then gradually updating her documentation and leaflets/checklists to slowly eradicate the old name. I doubt anyone will notice and that was her intention.

Start with a bang!

Alternatively, you may be merging with another business, going for a whole new brand or starting something very new. An official launch may be planned – a change over on a specific date – promoting the new ‘you’ and letting everyone know all about your rebranding why and what.


Ideally templates should be created [TIME SAVED] – a company standard so to speak – what should all your PowerPoints look like, how is your header on documentation laid out, what information is in the footer, what’s your signature going to look like on email for you (and all your (new) staff)?

Again having this created enables a swift copy/paste of the actual content and develops your branding even further. (You know all those big corporations; they have a standards book. All their staff know how things should be laid out (ie, all proposals from the different departments look the same – except maybe the logos, contact information, specifics – but the size and use of fonts and colour are the same.) Always remember consistency in branding, message and outside view is essential to grow your business and for it to be recognised.

This also helps new members of staff (not got any yet – have it ready for them when they arrive) integrate well and hit the ground running. It really is very difficult to tell a new member of staff everything you have created for the business brand when it is in your head. Failing to do this can slow down your progress or even hold you back.


Updating materials can be very time consuming and to be honest not really the best use of your time – you certainly won’t earn any money from the time you invest in this activity. Outsourcing this work is so cost effective [TIME SAVED] and when you see the finished product you are not blinded by all the revisions but can only see the product in a brand new light and instantly see where improvements can be made.

It’s tough when you make your own amendments and edits – your brain gets used to the text and images, your eyes see what should be there and not necessarily what is there. See my next blog on proofreading.

Moreover whilst someone is editing and adding your new logo, colours, contact information (if you’ve changed the domain name too) you can be working on that next conversion, fine tuning your presentation and practicing projecting your voice as well as congratulating yourself on using your time more effectively [PLANNED TIME].

Whenever you outsource it is essential you use that saved time effectively and can categorise where it has been spent. ROI is so important. If not, you may reject the value and go back to doing it yourself and therefore not spending your time doing what you love in your business.

Here cometh the end of Number 7 – updating documents with new branding.

Here’s a link to the Start in case you missed it.

Is the thought of updating your business branding so bad that it is holding you back from rebranding, progressing and growing?

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