In my previous blog – The 3 Biggest Killers of a Business – caused by you! I identified what I consider to be the 3 biggest killers – caused by YOU! now I want to reveal the one thing that has the biggest impact in defeating these killers.

Get Help!

Yes, just get help. It cannot be done all on your own. No single person has every achieved something good, great or fabulous. It’s the truth (do let me know if I am wrong!)

What help?

That’s the key – it could be great, it could be small, it could be expensive, it could be simple – which one will depend on your ‘killer’ and how deep those claws are in you! Sounds very dramatic I know – and I’m not sorry – knowing how bad it can get can only push you to a solution earlier.

It could be little ones – or not so little!

Clubs, child minding, play dates all play a part in helping you at these difficult times. Work with other Mums (not necessarily business owners) to give each other a break. Find activities and plan that time so the children get fun and you get time – then you will have focused time with them, family time. Sickness is a difficult one – you may have to re-schedule your time so you are available then and there, get cover or just head off problems by telling clients there will be a delay – they will understand. Then there’s the big ones that don’t understand and pop in for coffee, ask when you’re getting a proper job and can you just do this and that whilst you’re at home. Enough said Grrr! For these you need different tactics – go to the local coffee shop with your laptop!

It could be technical difficulties with your website, graphics, products

There are an abundance of freelancers these days; just as you might be. Work together in identifying others, create a team, swap skills (it needn’t be expensive). Use your network to find people that can help you, introduce people to others to help them, grow your community to help each other.

Business acumen

We don’t know it all – how can we ever say we do – is that even possible? But there are many people who have pieces to your jigsaw. Be that coaches, mentors, specialists in finance, production, sales, marketing – a host of skills you can tap into. Reach out to those you know and others who may know someone.

Business support

Our business needs help, we need help to run our business. That back office support, the hidden activities to ensure we communicate, get paid and show up the best we can. There is help available that can address these areas. It’s usually the area furthest from our zone of genius and therefore the one area I would always suggest outsourcing – creating documents, chasing money, social media, keeping on top of projects, checking everything is in place, researching, etc. Not the area of work you set out to do when your dream of a business was born.


So, there you have it Get Help! Simples. Asking is sometimes hard, the answer itself not easy to stomach and the journey not as pleasant as we would choose. But help is available if only we ask!