A business blog on your website can bring many benefits. Whether you’re looking at an increase in website visitors or higher levels of engagement and conversion, a blog will help.

But a blog can only help if it’s written well and doing the job you need. So if your business blog needs improving, here are ten tips you can implement to get it working better for you.

#1: Have a clear purpose for each blog post

Make sure each blog has a clear purpose. What is the reason behind your creating it? Does it stick to the point and fulfil that purpose? If you don’t know why you’re writing it, you’re going to struggle to stay on topic – and this is going to make it either dull to read or difficult to understand.

#2: Switch the type of formula you use

Your business blog needs to appeal to your intended audience, which may mean switching things up a little. For example, if you’re always creating text-only based blog posts, why not try adding in audio or video? You may even want to experiment with a podcast or add a free downloadable resource to every blog post you create. This helps to keep your audience engaged and your content fresh.

#3: Create different types of blog

When it comes to consistently creating blog posts for your business, it’s also easy to get stuck in a routine with the type of post you make. You may find that you always write how-to blogs or educational pieces that raise awareness. But there are so many different types of blogs you can create! So why not switch things up and opt for a round-up blog, a list post or a comparison piece to help keep your content fresh?

#4: Post to your business blog more often

One way you can improve your blog is to post more often. This is especially relevant if you only post once or twice a month. Regularly publishing relevant blog posts can help your SEO and visitor numbers. And the more enjoyable your blog is, the more often a visitor will return and share your content.

#5: Make it visually appealing

Another simple improvement you can make is to make your blog posts visually appealing. No one wants to read a massive block of text, so look to break it up with subheadings, bullet points, quotes and images. You could also add in videos, memes and click to tweet quotes.

#6: Include one clear call to action

Regardless of the blog, always stick to just one clear call to action. Not only does this help make the focus of the blog simple, but it also increases the likelihood of your reader clicking through and completing the action you want them to take.

#7: Make it about your visitors, not you

Your business blog is a marketing tool for your business, and if you want it to work well, it needs to appeal to your visitors. So make it about them. Answer their questions, and give them valuable information to help make their buying choices and next steps easier.

#8: Update your old blog posts

Make full use of all your blog posts, old and new. It’s so easy to get into the habit of only sharing your latest blog, but those older ones are still valuable to your ideal client too. So why not update them? You can add additional content, update the resources and add internal links to your other content. And whilst you’re there, you could also create some new pins and add the blog to your automated scheduler, so it’s on a repeatable market strategy throughout the year.

#9: Promote your business blog regularly

And if we’re talking about marketing, know that you need to share your blog more than once if you want it to work well for you. The vast majority of your social media followers may not even see details of it if you only share it once. So look to promote your blog posts regularly. Why not add your blog link to your Linktree or bio? You could also create a marketing strategy where you’re sharing your blog throughout the week on your different platforms? And don’t forget to add it to your newsletter and your email signature!

#10: If you don’t enjoy writing it, outsource it

Finally, if you don’t enjoy writing your blog posts, look to outsource them. Writing has to come from a place of enjoyment; otherwise, it will show in your results. So, if you don’t enjoy creating blog posts but still want their benefits, outsourcing is the logical solution. You can either come up with the ideas and an outline or hand it over entirely to someone else to manage on your behalf; it’s up to you. But it will help to free up your time to concentrate on those things you do enjoy doing.

Marketing support and blog writing are both things we can help you with. Whether you’re looking for help with ideas or want to hand over the reins entirely, we have a solution. So why not book a call, and let’s talk about your needs and those potential next steps.