It’s great every so often to re-visit an existing blog post.

An opportunity to utilise the content and expand it to the next level, provide further insights or simply just refresh your readers of what’s already out there and available to them to read.

I thought I’d take some time to check back in on a post we created just over six months ago, where we looked at Ways a VA can work wonders with your WordPress Website.

Many start-up businesses turn to WordPress when they are looking to create their all-important website. It’s easy to use with a bit of practice and with so many additional plugins available, you can pretty much make that website that you visualised a reality. Existing business owners have also been known to turn to this preferred platform from their initial website concept. The appeal being that you can update your site yourself, without having to go back to your web designer to request changes, (which can often take some time to be implemented due to their workload) and it also means you don’t incur additional premium charges for something that you can do yourself, or delegate to your own Virtual Assistant.

Here are a few more benefits that I like to call Wonderful WordPress Wizardry:-

You don’t need to know complicated coding. WordPress allows those of us that have some HTML/CSS experience to do our ‘thing’ however, if you’re not into lines of text that quite frankly can make your eyes cross over, then there’s a super friendly visual editor that you can just type into, to your hearts content. Add images, change font colours, upload video files and make look visually pleasing with ease and attractive to your audience.

It’s all about how you like it. You get to choose the theme and appearance, from the free options to the premium designs. This then enables you to share your branding with the world by adding your colours, logos and fonts. It’s pretty much all customisable, and if you don’t know how to do something there are thousands of free tutorials out there to show you how to get things done.

We all need a blog right? Truth! Every business needs a blog, not only does it help you become best of friends with google though SEO (search engine optimization), it also gets your business personality out there to potential clients. You share your news and your knowledge and with WordPress your blog is built in to your website. The saying “two birds with one stone” springs to mind.

We’ve mentioned plugins. Social media sharing icons, appointment schedulers and sign up forms to help build your list can be easily added to your site by the installation of a plugin.

Limitless. As you grow, your site grows. Need to add a new page because you’ve added another department or team to your business and you want your website visitors to know all about them? No problem! Need to add more users to help take care of those blog posts or update your latest services or products for sale? Easy peasy!

As you can see, myself and the team here at Virtual Hand are very much WordPress advocates. We love to help our clients with their own WP websites and of course, we practice what we preach and utilise it ourselves.

However, as many people do, if you’re struggling with the ‘techie’ side of WordPress website wizardry then why not get in touch by booking your free Discovery Call. I’d love to see how myself and my team can support you with making your website work for you and contribute to the everlasting growth of your business.

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