I am so pleased to announce that we were awarded #SBS Winner in the #SBS Awards from Theo Paphitis on Monday 11 July 2016. I was one of the six that Theo retweeted from that Sunday evening from 5pm to 7.30pm.


Here’s how I found out!

#SBS Winner

It’s something of a surprise because, like many small/new businesses, you try to do this without success. So after many weeks I just stopped trying.

Then an off chance tweet – not really expecting a different result – and wham (not the group) I receive the recognition from Theo.

Twitter has gone wild – receiving a massive spike in my following on that very same week and learning all about the ‘rewards’ of being an #SBS Winner.

He has a dedicated website for winners where you are invited to create your badge and then your profile. Join his facebook group, #SBSHour on Twitter and receive an invite to his free get together once a year for all winners – roll on February 2017.

#SBS Winner

If you’ve not heard of this – here’s more information as well as tips on how to win.

Go on, give it a go. Good luck.

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