When the workaday mill is grinding you down, there must be some kind of respite to look forward to. Jetting off to distant, globetrotting shores is one way to get it, sure. But some of the best things in life are on home turf, and Virtual Hand has discovered a gem of a deal for anyone seeking a haven in the UK.

Interested? Follow us down the bank of a lake and into a retreat that’ll make that office paperwork a distant dream …

Lodging in your memory

Imagine a place where sparkling blue water meets a natural habitat of birds, fish and wildlife. A marvelously rustic paradise, Cotswold Water Park is the largest marl lake system in the country, spread over the borders between Gloucester, Wiltshire and West Oxfordshire.

The Park boasts countless opportunities for water sports, cycling tours, and countryside rambles. As a base for exploring all the Cotswolds has to offer, we’ve sniffed out a stunning lakeside lodge built to modern standards of bliss.

Spanning 3 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a veranda peering out to the crystal views, it’s the best way to breathe easily in the morning mist, greeting a flock of swans craning up from the reeds. A sister lodge sitting next to it has the same amenities, meaning you can bring a dozen people along for a UK break they’ll truly relish.

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Lifting the load off

When you escape from the rat race, we don’t want you to fret about leaving calls unanswered at work, or not chasing up that crucial email, or keeping that project moving. Virtual Hand is the link between you and your leisure, keeping a steady eye on projects and admin as you and your family relax and unwind.

We’ll have as much or as little control as you require – why not have a chat with us first, so we can explain why virtual assistants are the best balm for business worries? Also, check out the 10% discount on your ‘trial getaway’ to ensure your trip is stress free. Getting away means being a centre of calm and professional trust, so contact us today for a free consultation regarding our services.

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