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Holidays and especially Christmas – when you look forward to a new year and what new things you can plan/bring to your clients – are a time when you might thing a VA could be a useful addition to your team.

There’s a few things wrong with starting a relationship during the holiday season:

The VA may be on holiday too

They are after all a business too and may have their own plans to use the time to update their marketing, set in place new programs or just take time out.

You have a set period to time to get lots done

The time invested in your business needs to be effective (especially if you are paying someone and it should be a holiday). If you are starting to work with someone new there will be time needed to get to know each other, learn how you both work and establish routines and processes that mean you will get the best from your time together.

The VA needs time to learn about you and your business to be able to support you best

This cannot be done overnight and it is important that boundaries are in place for communication (when and how), expectations realised (turnaround times) and a mutual respect is in place for each other’s business.

The learning period is very important to enable a fabulous relationship to be built

However, if you do find a VA that is not going away or isn’t planning on a two week break it may be a win/win situation for you both. Being aware of what is needed to form a good relationship and get the best results is so important.


Having a contract in place sets the scene for the way business is being conducted. Clear terms and conditions give you comfort and peace of mind that this business knows what they are about.


A massive sticking point for businesses worldwide! Do you go for the cheapest, mid-range or the most expensive (they must the best after all if they charge so much!) Or do you try to negotiate and knock someone down because you know they are good but you don’t want to pay their price? Think about this from your point of view as a business. How would you react if this happened to you, what is your normal reaction to this, once knocked down how does that make you feel?


Respecting boundaries and communicating (or should I say, expecting a response) outside the parameters set may frustrate you both. What is the best way? Face to face, Skype, Telephone, Email, Text; there are a number but you both need to be comfortable with the chosen method.

However, when you review the time you have invested in getting this all in order why stop when the holiday stops? Using a VA all year round enables the best relationship to be developed which means the best work can be undertaken.

Maybe, next holiday you can take time off because all this extra planning and preparation can be started earlier and actually in place before the holiday.

Just imagine; no need to rush, panic, spend hours on the computer, miss time with family and friends when they are relaxing and having fun. You could be with them doing the same.

Just imagine …


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