A 30 day challenge which took longer than 30 days. Life gets in the way! But I can say ‘completed business challenge’.

We all say it and can appreciate what happens when you set out to achieve something and ‘life gets in the way’.

It has been interesting getting the blogs together, deciding on the topics and getting them done. Ultimately, to provide a book for potential users of VA’s or even for VA’s looking for new services for their client base.

The book is nearly done – top and tailing – another challenge!

I’ve seen others on the challenge that somehow seem more dedicated, more able to do what is needed to get one a day out for 30 days. I’ve even seen attempts of a second or third time round – duplicating that success. I applaud them – once is enough.

It’s been good to get that base of information on my website – showcasing my knowledge and hopefully benefiting other business owners into the world of being a VA and how we can help them.

Short and sweet – to the point – oh why can’t I flower stuff up and ramble on?


Here cometh the end of Number 30 – The End of the Business Challenge

Here’s a link to the Start in case you missed it.  https://virtualhand.co.uk/starting-a-challenge/

Do have a look at all the other blogs I have written on Using a VA or Training specifically; you never know what you might find.

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