The start of a New Year encourages many of us to ‘get off the starting blocks’ and tackle our objectives. These are the specific steps that we have planned to take in order that they will lead us to achieving our goals over the next twelve months.

For those of you that consider yourselves to be well organised, you may have taken some time at the end of the year to break down your goals into achievable tasks. This is good practice and enables you to have a clear process and vision as to how and when you will reach them. A pathway mapped out in front of you, that enables recognition of each milestone and of course, time to review and identify if things aren’t quite going to plan.

WARNING: Blue Monday is on the horizon!

This year Blue Monday falls on the 18th January – today. It’s deemed to be the day that we feel the come down of Christmas and New Year celebrations, experience defeat and disappointment if we’ve not stuck to our New Year’s Resolutions only a few weeks in. We are, in a nut-shell feeling a little out of sync, and with that low in mood.

Overwhelm is a contributing factor

As we plan our year ahead we have our visions and dreams created in our minds. We can imagine ourselves in our desired situation or destination and we have an idea on how to reach it. The reality of the matter is that once we start to work on our objectives we can often become overwhelmed by the smallest task and self doubt enters our minds. The bigger picture seems all too impossible to achieve, did we set our hopes to high? Have we taken on too many goals? How do we know where to start or who to turn to?

The answer, for me as a Virtual Assistant is to stop right where I am, take a deep breath and refocus. This works extremely well and a practice I share with many of my clients when they are feeling overwhelmed. Not just by New Year goals but in running a business generally.

There’s no such thing as over planning how you will get to your destination (procrastination on the other hand is an entirely different matter). It may just mean that you need a little additional help and support along the way so that you can get those objectives satisfied and cut your to-do list in half.

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Don’t let Blue Monday or any other day of the week stop you from achieving your dreams. 

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