Is this you?

Are you someone who goes through their day to day work by multi-tasking? Do you find that you are more productive that way, or are you really trying to trick your mind into believing that you are getting more accomplished, when in fact it is having the adverse affect?

We are all guilty of this, some of us more than others. With a busy schedule, it sometimes feels that the only way to get those items off of your ‘to-do’ list is to try and juggle a little bit of each task at the same time.

Allowing yourself to focus on one thing at a time, and taking that through to completion is the best way to be productive in business and in every day life. Focus on one thing only and do it well. Know that you have completely dedicated your focus and performed to your highest capabilities. After all, dividing your attention means lots of little jobs progress, but do they really portray your reputation of excellence? Are we really being efficient and effective?

There is also the perception that multi-tasking is also another form of procrastination. Maybe we’re not interested in the subject we are working on, and so therefore find other tasks to do at the same time. There is also the possibility that it’s something we’re not sure how to do and by sidetracking onto different tasks, it makes us feel like we are ‘getting somewhere’, just not anywhere on what we should be doing!

Need some tips to stop multi-tasking? Here are a few to get you started:-

Close down some of the tabs on your computer. Those that do not relate to the task in hand need to be closed and away from distraction.

Plan your day. There’s a lot to be said about constructive planning. Allocate time blocks to specific tasks and focus ONLY on what you have scheduled to do.

Be aware of your concentration level. Are there exercises that you can perform to help you increase this?

Your emails and your phone are the biggest distraction. Schedule specific time to check and respond.

Recognise when you are doing it! Possibly the most important tip to share. If you know when you are spinning too many plates, take a step back, give yourself 5 minutes, close your eyes and then go back to one task and one task only.

People work in different ways. Each individual has their own methods as to what works best for them; however, trying to do too much at the same time is never the best way forward.

If you find yourself drowning in tasks and no time to action them, consider a helping hand in Virtual Hand. We can take away that juggling feeling, or assist you on those items that you keep putting to the bottom of the pile.

Meanwhile; here’s a great post to help you – Apps that keep you productive.


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