A to-do list isn’t the most attractive thing to talk about, but when it comes to your business success, it is an important one. That simple list of action steps and tasks is powerful. Using to-do lists in your business enables you to drop overwhelm and procrastination, whilst giving you the freedom to work when and how you want to.

But often, the humble to-do list and its importance is overlooked by many. So it’s time we put that straight and looked at how many benefits you can glean from using to-do lists in your business – so here are 5 key ones to get you started!

Key Benefit #1: To-do lists give you control

The beauty of a to-do list is it gives you control. You can get organised, prioritise your tasks and action steps, and stay on track. But it isn’t just about gaining control of your workload. A to-do list also helps you gain control of your thoughts. You can get everything out of your head and onto paper – helping to alleviate the stress and overwhelm of trying to remember all the things you need to do. You cannot control what you can’t see, so it makes sense to get everything down on paper!

Key Benefit #2: To-do lists are rewarding

There’s something really empowering about seeing the progress you’re making throughout your working day. A to-do list helps you achieve this by giving you a visual representation of your progress and what you’ve achieved. As you complete tasks on your to-do list you’re ticking them off – and each tick you place gives a little burst of motivation. If you want to really ramp up those feelings of empowerment, tackle the big stuff first, when you’re at your most alert and focused.

Key Benefit #3: Create structure within your working day

One of the big benefits of using to-do lists is the focus they give you. You can only effectively manage your day (and your calendar!) if you know what you need to be focused on. How many times have you sat down at your desk, knowing you have all day free to work – only to find yourself ending the day with nothing achieved? A to-do list enables you to see at a glance the tasks you need to get completed and you can then structure your day accordingly. It enables you to manage your time and choose what you want to do in that available time slot.

Key Benefit #4: To-do lists help keep you grounded in the present

It can be difficult to stay in the present moment, when you work for yourself. Your mind can wander as you visualise the future vision you have for your business and those end goals you want to achieve. But your to-do list of tasks helps keep you grounded in the present. It gets you out of your head and gives you a clear picture of where you’re currently at. This helps you to avoid procrastination, as you know exactly what you need to be doing in this present moment. It also alleviates overwhelm, which is often a result of having too many tasks in your head and not on paper!

Key Benefit #5: Gain freedom by using a to-do list

If you’re looking to gain some freedom in your business, a to-do list is the thing you need. You can decide what you want to work on, what you’d rather delegate out, and you can plan around other work and personal commitments. That’s the beauty of a to-do list – it keeps you organised and on track, so you can afford yourself the freedom to work the way you want to and in the time slots of your choosing.

There are so many great benefits you can gain from using a to-do list in your business! But if you’re struggling with yours, it could be because you’re not using it effectively. So, if you need a little help getting control of yours, this blog post gives you some great tips for taming your to-do list.

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