It goes without saying that your business relies on your client relationships and using best practice will ensure your relationship grows. How you communicate with your clients or customers and deliver your services or products will determine if they will continue to utilise your expertise or turn to you as their supplier on an ongoing basis.

This can sound simple and a matter of common sense, but you will be surprised how many businesses get this wrong.

When you work within a serviced based industry, especially one that is performed on-line with little or no face to face interaction with a client (take the Virtual Assistant world for example), having the right methods of good practice will contribute to the success of the business. On some occasions, it can actually make or break it! Therefore, here are 4 top tips for good practice we thought we would share with you.

Know your client and their business

It’s important to know your client on a business level with a little bit of personality mixed in. Of course, keeping things professional is of the utmost importance, and some individuals may not wish to share their life story with their VA. However, making a relationship personable to a level that is comfortable to both the client and the virtual assistant will really help to create a professional bond.

Getting to know your client’s business is also very important. How can you assist them with marketing if you don’t know their product or service, How can you increase their social media presence if you don’t know their target audience, and who they are looking to attract? How can you refer their business to other potential clients via word of mouth, if you don’t know what it is they do? This tip leads on to the following…

Make your client/customer feel important

Every client or customer needs to feel as though they are special. Whether they are a brand new sole trader business or an established company with members of staff, in your eyes they are all equal. They have turned to a VA for support and therefore it’s best practice to make sure that each and every one is treated the same. With that sense of importance, dedication and if you like, exclusivity. That’s not to say clients have literally 24/7 access to you, but will contribute in making them ‘feel’ as if you are there for them as much as you determine you can be.

Communicate clearly and in a timely fashion

Good communication should really be at the top of the list. Although all of these tips will create a positive client relationship and assist in good practice within any business, the key to success is all in the communication. It’s what makes things work. It’s what keeps things moving in the right direction and when performed effectively is the most powerful tool in the world! Yes … we said it … The World!

Do that little bit extra

Adding that little extra touch to the service you provide can work wonders. By going the extra mile to complete work ahead of deadline or delivering beyond expectations, you can guarantee that this will be a great relationship builder and it works both ways. Under promise and over deliver, it’s the best way to satisfy, surprise and secure future business.

Are you putting in place the best practice for your business? Could you identify where there is room for improvement? There’s no time like the start of a New Year to review your procedures for taking the best care of your clients or customers.

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