What is blogging all about?

Many a client asks this question, together with ‘how will it help me get clients?’

Let me answer it for you – or what blogging means to me and how I believe it helps any business.

Blogging is about sharing content, showing your expertise and really engaging with your audience to show them what you know and how that knowledge can be used to help them.

A few have said to me that they don’t want to give it all away as that will mean others will be able to do it and not come to them for help. Great question and yes, probably some will. But the response is ‘how well will they be able to do it, will they get the same results, are they as good as you?’

I’d like to think if you are an expert then the answers to those will ‘not very well, no and definitely not!’

There will always be those people that will DIY and will be happy with their results and there will always be the ones who recognise your talents and allow you to help them. There will always be the people that feel they can do it all – whereas the ones that move quickly to grow their business will recognise the importance of a talented team around them. Using the resources available to do the best work for their business. And definitely, not do it all themselves. Those people/businesses will burn out quickly and not achieve what they want to and not in a timely manner.

Creating blogs and knowing what to write about then stumps people. Asking themselves why people would listen to them, and what do they know that is special? Surely everyone knows this stuff?

We are all individuals, learning different things, being interested in other stuff and working out what works and what doesn’t. Successful business people share their results – having tried and failed in the past. That’s what you are paying for when you invest in them – not the result itself but their learnings and not having to trial it first, not knowing if it works.

As an expert you will have that knowledge to share, being able to impart that and educate others is the key to getting more clients and doing what you love. Usually if you are doing something for someone else it’s because they don’t enjoy it and would rather do other things. How fabulous to do something you love, enjoy and excel at and for someone that doesn’t but clearly have their own ‘love’s’.

Creating content for your blog is easy – just answer questions you already received, show them how you have achieved greatness for others, give them tips and tricks to guide them. Show your expertise and knowledge. Those that are interested and want to know and ultimately, may buy from you will want to hear it.

Let me know what baffles you about working with a VA, time management, what resources would help you and any training tips you need – I will write a blog to help you – unless I already have. Check out my blogs for you to read.

Here’s how to get started: for your blogging calendar.

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