Client Reviews are essential for a rewarding VA:Client relationship

Why have client reviews? I hear you ask: we talk/communicate all the time – what’s so special about a Review Meeting? It is different and essential if the relationship is to grow and develop.

The areas to be covered in a review meeting are:

• Review all on-going projects
• Review processes and adjust accordingly
• Review work for the next 3-6 months
• Set in place deadlines to achieve 3-6 month targets
• Discuss and improve/change ways of working/relationship
• Discuss additional areas of support
• Ask for referrals

As you can see this is both important for the VA as well as the client – and if it’s not happening neither are growing, progressing or working more efficiently/effectively together.

Get together – shoot the breeze – learn more about each other and your businesses but be honest, frank and open.

Oh, and just so you are sure – these should not be chargeable. It is part of the VA service!

That last point is super important to enable you to grow your business – satisfied clients will readily recommend you to others as well as give you referrals.

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