Microsoft Office – Word

What do you use it for?

Do you use it for lists, notes, letters, reports, proposals, tables to display data, mail merge for direct mail, columns for displaying text/images in newspaper style, invoice/memo/letterhead templates?

There are many features within Word but has it been replaced by email marketing packages such as Mailchimp, publishing software such as Publisher or the many packages being used on a Mac (unfortunately can’t name any as I am a Microsoft gal through and through!)?

The upgrade to 2010 has taken some mastering but again the new features of ribbons and the new File menu for printing (where Print Previews is standard) and being able to pin documents/folders onto the menu so always available when opening the program, are certainly an improvement. What I don’t like is where it thinks for you and does what it thinks you want – and it isn’t and then it certainly doesn’t like to be deleted or corrected!

If however, you’re not sure what you want, is it good to have choices made for you?

It really is good to get back to basics and use a program for what it was meant – Microsoft are upgrading for us – should we disregard all the bells and whistles and not learn how to use it as it was intended? Are you a trial and error kind of learner or, like me, need someone to show you the way to do things? I hate it when it works and you’re not sure how you did it – or is that just me?

Use Help (F1) it will show you how to do what you want – once you get the question terminology correct!

It’s a minefield out there! Enjoy your exploration or if you need a hand … don’t hesitate to ask.

Take care


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