Big Announcement!

Training is my passion and I hate leaving it with a notebook full of writing with no action taken – that’s why I have launched Practical Business Training – for those that prefer to take action on the day!

Don’t you just hate it when you leave some great training with lots of notes, the thought that you have to put it all into action and so worried you will miss something out, forget what they said and find that your notes are just not enough to make it work?

This is definitely me; I want to do it there and then, set the wheels in motion, follow the guidance but actually do the stuff! Having time to go further is something we miss when we have a business – always working in rather than on it. Give yourself some time to work on your business.

So I’ve created some training that just does that. Bring along your laptop and sign in, get creating and take away actual work – such as a PR piece, a marketing plan, a set of tweets or facebook posts (or both) depending on the course attended.

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practical business training

PR & Marketing Training Course

My first course has been asked for most so I put it on for them.

You will leave the day with a number of tools ready to go; such as:

  • A PR piece ready to issue
  • A distribution list of your own
  • A structure for all your PR pieces
  • A marketing plan for all your marketing
  • Knowing what you are going to say;
  • How you are going to deliver that message; and
  • Where you are sending people

We also have a Guest Speaker: Colette Lowe of Chew PR who will be answering your questions and helping you with your PR piece.

If you want to secure this special price for you (and I’ll even offer it to a friend) just email back with ‘I’m in’ and I’ll reserve your spot – let me know if you’re bringing a friend too! Payment will be required before the day but plenty of time for that later.

I value your support and would love to hear if this type of training is of interest to you – I’m looking at doing the same for:

  • social media
  • blogging
  • graphics, and
  • building your list.

Thank you for your continued support and hope you can make the training. Do let me know if you’d be interested in my future courses; or sign up for the newsletters to be one of the first to get the details. If you’d like to be a guest speaker I’d love to hear from you too.