It’s my birthday today and I celebrated by doing the things I love:

  • Networking with my 4N colleagues
  • Working with my lovely clients
  • Eating cake
  • Playing netball (so I can eat cake)

It’s been a lovely day and wanted to ‘share’ my cake with you all (I did take some to netball so we all celebrated our win by eating cake and watching our close rivals and friends win their game) so here is a picture for you. It was gorgeous to look at, easy to eat but really hard to resist more than a few (I won’t lie) slices so I did share with my friends.

I have however been working on my ‘sugar addiction’ – which could be an addiction or could not – with the lovely Clare Downham (from Unique Journey). I feel more aware of what I eat but at the moment I am still eating chocolate, biscuits, cake and all manner of bread. I have however, only had the one session and after three it’s going to be very different – or so Clare tells me – I’ll let you know how I get on. Not sure I want to give up completely so here’s to better choices and more awareness.

I think it’s really interesting where we get our habits from and why we do what we do. Clare has really shown me why I eat when I want and what I want! I’m rebelling against [boarding] school when I ate what they put in front of me (no choices) and at set times. There wasn’t the option to just nip into the kitchen if you were hungry!

Have you found you have habits that you want to break and have no idea why you do what you do? I’d recommend Clare to you all. ([email protected] or call her on 0774 7774953).

I wish you your own special birthday (be it personal or business) and celebrate doing the things you love! And if you need someone to look after things whilst you are away from the office – don’t forget us here at Virtual Hand.