My 30 Day Blogging Challenge continues.

The tag [TIME SAVED] shows you where a Virtual Assistant (such as Virtual Hand) can save you time by doing these elements. This allows you to do what you love in your business as well as what you are good at.

You know what you want, need or would like so here starts the journey of finding the thing, at the right place, in a location you can get to and at the price you are prepared to pay. Or resourcing for those in a business context.

Have you ever wondered how long that takes? Those 10 minutes breaking into 30; those little looks that continued into more; clicking those links, following the trail to that thing, bookmarking pages. Checking and double checking, to-ing and fro-ing. The search is never ending. But why?

Do you not really know what you are looking for and therefore it takes longer to get started? Are there too many variants, too many different colours, getting confused and bemused? Is it all really worth it?

If, like me, you become dis-enchanted and the thrill is lost – you no longer want to even explore the possibilities of a new system, programme, gadget or even supplier. That pain just continues when you consider the time spent, the reasons behind the journey and lost opportunities when you stop.

Breathe and consider a different option [TIME SAVED]: hand the job to someone else, relax knowing someone else is taking that journey, get on with the stuff you should be doing in your business. A third party does not have the emotional attachment to the reasons for the journey – they are carrying out a task, taking those steps to achieve an outcome.

You set the deadline – giving yourself time to consider the options presented, answering questions along the way (if necessary) and being able to make the decision at the end.

I have been asked to source many different items; modelling clay, printer, courier, presents for nephews, hotels, taxis, and so on. With a brief it is possible to carry out these requests. The client is then presented with the result or choices without being clouded by other things they have seen and get distracted by. We all know Amazon is such a treasure trove of goodies.

Consider those endless hours/days of searching for the ‘thing’. For those that became exasperated and frustrated there is another option.

Here cometh the end of Number 19 – Finding stuff!

Here’s a link to the Start in case you missed it.

Do have a look at all the other blogs I have written on Using a VA or Training specifically; you never know what you might find.

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