It’s always good to say ‘Happy Christmas’ and for me that doesn’t just mean to those I know and love!

Being happy and generous all year round is tough sometimes but every time I make the effort it makes me smile more. Spreading a positive outlook and being happy really does help all those involved.

I like to be thought of as ‘smiley’ and ‘happy’ and as I just love my work, my clients, my life generally it comes as no surprise that I usually am.


So it’s nearly Christmas and I’ll be working quite a bit this holiday – as hubby is a bus driver and his holidays are limited and the two girls have their own plans! (Friends, ipads and tv) unless I fancy sitting on my own reading or watching tv; I’ll be catching up with things and getting things moving on my new project for 2017 (more details to follow).

I also enrolled on PRINCE2 qualification so I’ll be putting some time into that too.


All too soon it’ll be over and the girls will be back at school/college very soon after the New Year and life will be back to networking, meeting potential clients and working with my fabulous clients to move their business forwards as they work on the bits that they love.


I’d like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a holiday that is full of everything that makes you and your loved ones happy.

Take care

Happy Christmas

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