My Resource for this month – the mighty whiteboard.

For all us visual people it is essential to have information accessible and available – and feel sure that the majority of people have heard of vision boards (and may infact use them) and I know whiteboards are used extensively in a great many businesses (I’d be interested to hear if you don’t use one and what alternative you use – be it electronic or charts, etc).

Working from home can drag up all sorts of implications when looking at putting permanent (or not so permanent) things on the wall – is the space dedicated to your business or are you in a part of the ‘family/shared’ area? Will there be a need to take it down when visitors come over or when family events take place?

I currently work in a separate room in my house but still don’t really want a permanent whiteboard on the wall so I’ve found a fabulous replacement. A Dragon’s Den success story. Magic Whiteboard.

It comes in different sizes and colours and sticks straight on the wall without tape or tack. You can use standard dry whiteboard markers and can be reused again and again. Great for presentations when flip charts aren’t convenient or available. I have the White 25 x A1 sheets as well as the green Sticky Notes to track certain items. I’m all for electronic spreadsheets and tracking but printing, editing, printing as well as having to open to read etc takes time, paper and ink!

Check their website here.

They also do Black out Blinds, Notebooks (A4 and A5), clear (where you can put leaflets etc behind for display) along with the original white flip-chart-size.

A really ingenious must-have office stationery item.

I met the guys at the Office Show in London in October – lovely guys and there every year if you fancy a trip down – lots of great ideas for the office can be found as well as venues.

What’s your stationery must-have?

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