What Must Do have you identified in your business?

We all know about To Do Lists – not sure if you know it but I love lists. I love notebooks too and in all my notebooks are lots of lists. Read more about To Do Lists here.

I love ticking them off and then when the page is ticked off I fold it over – ending with a book that is all ticked off and folded over – it says Complete, to me. I love that word Complete – just saying it makes me go all warm and fuzzy! I’m a definite Completer Finisher (what sort of worker are you?) Look up Belbin if you want to know more about Team Roles (there are 9) that work together to improve team performance.

There are however, always things on the To Do List that may never get done. We always have ideas or attend a talk/conference/meeting where someone tells us we should be doing this or the other and you pop them on the list. After a while they don’t seem so important any more, or it’s too late or something more urgent replaces it. We then just drop it like hot potato.must do

I’ve decided to highlight some things that may get chopped from your list and each month give you the impetus to resurrect it or an Offer for us to do it for you; to get you started. It will only be available for that month – we can still do it for you after that but not at that great price.

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Things we have had/plan to do are:

  • Business Card input to spreadsheets to help you build your list
  • Production of a Newsletter to keep in touch with your list
  • Blog writing to help you with your content
  • Training on software to help you in your business
  • And many more

We’re always happy to hear of things you’d like on Offer so do let us know – it may be already planned or we can certainly add it.

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