What can you do in 5 minutes? And how many 5 minutes do you have spare a day? How many 5 Minute Jobs can you complete?

Actually we have loads of them available and there are lots you can do. But before I bestow upon you the need to use them all up with more jobs I realise the value of ‘blue sky moments’ (is that old hat now or do we still use that phrase?) or time to reflect, ponder, congratulate and altogether have a smug smile to yourself over something you are particularly pleased with. I’d recommend these too; on a daily basis. A smug smile never goes down badly; in my humble opinion.

Here at Virtual Hand we set about thinking of all those little pesky jobs we could do if we allowed ourselves to really focus and use them wisely.

Then we thought, why keep them to ourselves; let’s share them and let’s give them to our readers. So a plan was set: one a day for 21 days – that is in fact just 3 weeks and just about long enough to make a habit. Will you break it?

We included lots of different things that a business needs to get involved in; obviously the wonderful social media, the essential invoicing and networking, as well as the CPD opportunities and mooching our potential clients to convert them into customers, supporters or collaborators.

I do invite you to let me know some of your 5 Minute Jobs so I can spread the word and maybe increase the 5 Minute Jobs from 21 days.

I wanted to keep it to weekdays but unfortunately the system I use won’t support that (grrr).

Once you have lots of 5 min tasks perhaps you can make some ten minute ones or break those big, ugly jobs into smaller, more manageable ones that you don’t shy away from.

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