The first in my Series to help you with putting on events and we’re going to start with planning an event.

Starting Out – What do you need to consider?

Deciding to put on a workshop/training session where physical people need to invest and turn up to make it both worthwhile to put on and encourage customers who may repeat buy or recommend to fill future events – easy decision but not so easy to actually promote, fill and deliver an experience for your attendees.

When we want physical people there are a number of considerations:

  • Location of venue : to include accessibility, parking and facilities
  • Pricing : the right price to attract the right people
  • Numbers : large or small dependent on the format and ‘atmosphere’ wanted
  • Date : what lead time are you working on; holidays and other local or sector events
  • Promotion : online, offline, an affiliate scheme, your connections/network or even telemarketing
  • Materials : the right Media, Message and Momentum
  • Incentive : do you need one?
  • Follow on or stand alone

A system for your events is essential. This will enable you to cover all areas in the pre, during and post course/event. Having a list of things that need to be done/created/actioned; with a time line, will ensure a smooth transition and will give you confidence in your event. This type of system allows for variations and editions to be included – it should never stand still and may change for specific events or venues; for example.

The beauty of a system is that someone else can help or take over the process for you. You know how well you do the ‘delivery’ part; think of how fabulous you would be if you could just turn up, say hello (or mingle) with your waiting crowds and then get on that stage/front of room and ‘do your stuff’. Imagine the excitement, the focus, the precision of delivery – it can all be yours!

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