Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to complete – for your clients, your  business, your family, yourself, the volunteer group you work with – the list goes on and sometimes it can become too much for task orientated people (much like myself). Task tracking gives you piece of mind that it is logged and won’t be forgotten.

Juggling balls; I believe, is a trait of a VA but firmly believe everyone can reduce those balls from dropping with a little discipline and pro-active inputting into a system that can hold it all together for you.

I became aware of Asana some time ago. It’s a fabulous programme that is free – for putting in your projects [clients, personal, volunteer, hobby, holiday, etc] and then chunking that down into specific tasks.

We all know that when something is given to us in easy steps or smaller objectives it is not so overwhelming and doable – those 5 min tasks soon build up to whole completed projects.

The beauty of Asana is that you can give those tasks to others too – just bob in their email address and they are notified of them (great for people working in teams or for VAs to spread their workload and keep all their balls in one place).

Due Dates are also set up and you receive a lovely email each day with your tasks for that day.

I recently introduced a new client to Asana and she said : “I downloaded it yesterday and already have managed to complete more tasks in one evening than I did in an entire week!”

Check it out and see if you can become more productive – but beware – it is only as accurate as the information within it so it is a discipline to keep updating the tasks/projects but also to add new ones as they come in.

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