Are you automating to the extreme and actually alienating your prospects?

There are so many aspects of your business that you need to keep on top of which, if we were to try we’d be working 24/7 and burn ourselves out. This is where automation comes in. There are many areas that we can automate such as social media, email and blogs but there is a fine balance between automation and alienation.

 A good example of this is automated tweets on Twitter. On this social media platform your message is there and then gone in a few minutes, lost amongst the thousands of other 140 character messages and whilst this is ok, you need to be constantly sending out messages to showcase your authority and gain interaction and a reputation in your niche. Tweeting may not take much time but if you were to send a tweet out every hour personally, would you really get anything else done? By scheduling tweets, you can share your knowledge without actually having to physically be there.

So this all seems well and good but as we said before there is a fine line between automating and actually alienating your followers. As with anything if people do not feel you are actually present, they will not interact. If people are responding to your scheduled messages and then receive no response then they will give up and find someone else to interact with. It is essential that you are there, in person at least once each day to respond to questions, mentions and emails so people know that there really is a person behind the business and not just an automated robot.

Use automation in your business to make things easier for you and balance your time effectively but do not forget to actually be there in person for some of the time. This is the true way to build authority in your niche.

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