Do you make notes on things you have heard, recommended to do or read, or even your everyday “To Do List”? Do you find that they are doted around in books, on your phone, on post-its or even tagged in your mind to “remember”? Would a central place be good where they are all kept together and can even be filed with “tags” as opposed to folders but the principle is the same?

I’ve been introduced to a programme on the internet that also has an App. Access on the internet, iPad, iPhone and also Android. It’s called Evernote


Both are synchronised automatically (no button or action to make it happen) and this allows you to see all notes made on all devices at any one time.


The notes can be tagged and this keeps them together (similar to a folder) and can be kept together. Images can be uploaded too; take a photo and store with the notes. Emails can also be sent to your Evernote folders – for quick access and reference. I use it for frequently used information to copy into other documents. Or your price lists rather than carrying paper around; the uses are endless. <


Searching for information is simple; keywords from your notes, tags or even the printed or handwritten notes inside images can be used to find the note you want.

A very useful and great tool to keep information at your fingertips.

If you’ve used it let me know what for and if not, give it a go – you may be surprised.


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