Shortlisted, finalist – what do they mean?

Also ran
Got to be in it to win it
Top 3
Is it definitely a ‘half glass full/empty’ perspective?

Can we all be first, the best, the only one, top dog? And are we doing ourselves an injustice when we settle for second? I firmly believe that if you have done your best, you can be openly proud of your achievements and shout from the top of the hill – or show your ‘brag file’ wherever you go (thanks Chrissie for that one).

So, never feel you are settling for second best, or you were not good enough, YOU were the best you could be at that time – another time, another day, the results could have been different.

Now, a real great friend of mine has also been shortlisted – with me – for the same Award. We are both, rightly so, proud of our achievements but only one of us can win (or one of the other 2 shortlisted!). We don’t know how many put in for it – so are we the Top 4 of only 4 entries?
We will never know, but do we need to know?

I have so many questions but try not to really think about them as this will decrease my achievement and also take it away from the one that wins. I do know we will have a fab night at the black tie event (even if it is a Tuesday) and as we are guests of another friend of ours it brings friends together, celebrating together, no matter who wins.

My great friend is already an Award winner because she has come a long way in a short space of time. She has achieved so much, worked so hard and knows her stuff. Chrissie is a fantastic Recruitment Consultant and takes her job so seriously that her success rate of 100% is testament to all that. She works with clients who get an exact match for a position, which is painless and so rewarding – they do not worry that she will send them any cv, any person – it will be the one that matches the job specification and the company/personnel.

If you want to know The 5 Things a Recruitment Agency should do for you, as part of the service email Chrissie at [email protected]. You are sure to learn how it should be done.

So cheers to us both – keep your fingers crossed for both of us on Tuesday 26 June – and I’ll be sure to let you know how we got on.


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