I was not convinced either so I went for it – both feet first and booked a session with Jenny Cooper – stress busting with colour.

Set myself up with paper, colouring pencils, pens and even some highlighters (didn’t have chalks or pastels or other “colour utensils”) so made do with my 13 year olds’ pencil case that doesn’t make its way to school.

Handsfree available on the landline, quiet room, relaxed and waiting for the call. Then it happened – I’d given her the wrong number (so used to the mobile these days) so rang her – wrong phone so will ring me back – that phone didn’t work so returned to first one – #calm? Really, not so sure!

I’d already filled in a questionnaire telling Jenny how I handle stress – how it shows its ugly head! Not a pretty sight I might add! So we talked about what methods I used – deep breathing, fleeing the situation or counting to 100 and 10 (10 is never enough!).

She had also sent me a quiz to do – interesting work being done on the one free thing that
• Boosts your confidence and success?
• Attracts people to you in business and personal relationships?
• Improves your physical and emotional wellbeing?
• Is a natural, legal and non-toxic drug?

To find out the answer you will have to have your session with Jenny – you will be amazed.

Anyway the session started and Jenny used her lovely calm, easy to listen to voice to get me to visualise “calmness” and asked me what colours were there – I had a meadow of lovely thick green grass with the sun beating down and the odd red poppy/flower. I drew these colours – not a picture (art is not my thing) but swathes of colour – lovely.

We then went to the dark side – I was to visualise the colours there, the shape and textures too. For me dark, solid, sharp edges were involved but there was a similarity. WOW – didn’t expect that!

She then gave me a toolkit of practical things to do when stress visits me and ended with a profound statement:

“We are only responsible for our own actions. Their actions will change when they don’t get the same response so they will change too.”

We have a follow-up call next week and I was made to practice (I agreed to do this when the kettle was boiling) and log my practices as it needs to be automated! What is it that I keep saying about automating things to be more efficient and save time in your business? Check out my Facebook page for Time Saving Tips for you and your business.

It was really interesting to use colour – not my usual medium – but very relaxing and enlightening – making me believe I can control and work with my emotions to bring about better results.

Anyone else tried this type of therapy? Do let me know your experiences.

Take care



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