Your business needs to invest in outsourcing, especially as you continue to grow, but you need to get the right support in place. If you’re looking for business support, one of your first ports of call will often be that of a VA business. It’s often one of the first positions to get filled, purely because a VA can offer you a wide variety of support. They’re able to quickly take the reins, pick up any slack and help you get your growing task list under control.

But you only have to look around at the vast array of outsourced team and business solutions a quick online search brings up, to see there’s no shortage of available VA help. From individuals working alone to larger VA business teams, there’s a wide selection to choose from. But hiring an individual that works solo to fill your available VA role, may not be the best solution for your business – here’s why.

Tapping into the benefits of a VA business team

An individual VA can provide you with an excellent level of support. However, sometimes you really need the benefit of several people working on a specific project together to help you get the best results.

Take brainstorming sessions for example. Having access to several different opinions, experiences and creative elements enables you to tap into a bigger perspective and a wider variety of potential solutions. It helps you think outside the box as you have more options to explore.

Project management is another area that benefits from a team. It enables you to have all elements of a project covered, by people with different skill sets and experiences. This enables you to have the entire project handled by one team – so less chance of slip-ups in communication and time wasted with passing projects between different businesses and team members.

A change in an individual’s circumstances doesn’t negatively affect your business

Another benefit of a VA team is that of continuity. Working with an individual person can be great until they have to take time away. Holidays and sickness can leave you in the hands of someone who doesn’t understand your business or your preferred way of working. Yes, a VA may work with Associates, but each Associate is a business owner in their own right. They’ll have their own clients who take priority over any outsourced Associate work they may take on.

The worst-case scenario can see you with a delay in your work being completed, as you have to wait for your VA to return if they have no cover in place.

Working with a VA business team will usually mean that at least one other person in the team is aware of your business and knows who you are. They’re likely to have worked alongside the person managing your project and are already up to speed with everything, ready to take the reins if the need should arise.

A VA business team can offer a broader range of skills and expertise

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a team of VAs is what a team can bring to the table. Working with a one-man-band VA will only ever afford you access to the skills and expertise that one person can bring to your business. When you outsource your business task to a team means you’re getting the support of several people. Each bringing their own unique skill set to the table.

This inevitably means you’re going to be able to tap into an extensive and varied range of skills and talents. A broader range of skills is on offer for you to use, so there’s less chance of them not being able to handle any task you hand over to them. A one-man-band VA simply cannot offer that level of service. To gain access to a broader range of skills usually involves learning the skill themselves (which takes time and money), or outsourcing it to an Associate. This inevitably means you’re not dealing with the person who’s carrying out the work on your projects, so are relying on the original VA to relay your requirements accurately.

Your business needs to invest in outsourcing, especially as you continue to grow, but you need to get the right support in place. If you’re looking for business support, one of your first ports of call should be that of a VA business. But if you want to truly reap the benefits of outsourcing, it’s far better to pick a VA business team, rather than a one-man-band.

If you’re ready to hire a VA business team to help your business get the support it needs, why not get in touch? You’ll be gaining access to a team of action-takers that will support your business as it grows and enable you to focus on doing the things you love.