When we work so hard it’s always time to set your sights on the next incredible getaway you deserve. Don’t begrudge yourself an amazing holiday; everyone needs time to unwind, and going abroad is often the best solution to clear the cobwebs out of a work-heavy schedule.

Seeing as every tourist destination on the map will be clamoring for your attention, we’ve managed to sniff out something rather exciting that’s sure to get you looking forward to the months ahead…

Your big fat Greek deal

As the crown jewel of the Greek islands, Rhodes is a living monument to an ancient culture that’s gone but not forgotten. Its perfect azure sea laps gently against fishing ports, and its rocks and gullies are ripe for exploration with a backpack or two.

Explore the island’s famous ruins or chill out by the pool, at the beautiful ‘Citrus House’ in the coastal town of Kalavarda. Just a 20-minute drive from Rhodes Airport and a short walk away from Kalavarda beach, this three-bedroom villa has a private pool, air con, wi-fi and the option of hiring a car, so you can soak up the sun with a few home comforts.

Check out our website and best of all feast your eyes on those images where you can see yourself relaxing in the sunshine – it’s a definite draw!

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Now it’s our turn

Obviously, we don’t want you to worry about emails and inbound calls while you’re off on the cultural sojourn of a lifetime. Virtual Hand provides an extensive VA service to keep your workflow in check until you return.

Our experience team can manage your inboxes, social media, and general enquiries that shouldn’t intrude on your holiday. Your time is our pleasure, and we like nothing more than seeing our clients come home with a stress-free tan.

Thinking of jetting off with your loved ones this summer? Message us today for a free 20-minute consultation to see how we can help.

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