Are you a naturally busy person? (But don’t want to be classed as a busy fool?) Do you find yourself whether at work or play always buzzing around, never sitting down and taking time out? If a cartoon artist was to portray your lifestyle would you represent something more along the lines of Speedy Gonzales or laid back like Bugs Bunny.

Many of us thrive on being busy. We find it difficult to appreciate any down time and feel that if we are not busying ourselves with tasks for our business we feel as if we are not doing enough. It’s a common problem with many entrepreneurs and a difficult mindset to change, but does this mean that those people that thrive on being in the fast lane are busy fools?

The most common cause for ‘busy fool-itis’ is the amount of pressure we put on ourselves. It develops into a virus that grows the more we feed it. This article I would like to share with you sums it up pretty well, I think.

Don’t be a busy fool!

The pressure to run faster can come from many different sources. It might be clients who want everything yesterday or a boss who always want us to deliver more in less time. But for many of us, biggest source of pressure is us – the pressure that we put on ourselves.

Number 7 on the list particularly rings true. Procrastination can be business destroying if not identified and managed well. When you notice the warning signs that you are procrastinating you need to be able to remove the process quickly before it sets in. By process, we mean your thought process, those niggling thoughts of avoidance and lack of passion for the task that needs to be performed. How do you manage the situation? You identify and you action or you identify and you delegate. Ask yourself these questions

Do I have the time to perform this task?

Do I have the skills to perform this task?

Do I personally need to perform this task?

Do I take the opportunity of delegating this task to avoid being a busy fool?

The ticking clock is not the friend of a busy fool? No more seconds, minutes or hours can be added to create additional time so you need to make sure that you embrace the time that you have and use it wisely, not just for the sake of your business but for a healthy lifestyle too.

If you feel as though you can relate to Speedy Gonzales a little more than the laid back attitude of ‘Bugs’ then you might find that having an informal discovery call with me will help to identify where you might be on the verge of catching that contagious busy fool-itis. Let’s not try the impossible task of trying to add time or even slow it down, but make the most of what we have available to us.

Many hands make light work, so take time to slow down a little and make your business successful with a little more laid back approach. Who wants to run around so fast that they miss things, it’s far better to set yourself to cruise control and take in what’s going on around you.

Busy business owners and successful trainers all struggle from time to time to get everything done in the working day. That’s why we put together our list of favourite tips, tricks, and real life examples that you can use to start doing more with the time you have. Download your free copy here

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