You know what it’s like – someone comes to you having had a bad experience with someone in your own sector.

If only they’d asked you, you would have put them straight, given them questions to ask, enable them to make an informed decision – and probably come to you first.

These are the sort of questions that make you stand apart from the competition, these are the things that you would take for granted but newbies working with you hadn’t even thought of it. It’s really interesting to learn their decision-making process, what made them go with that person – who then let them down very badly.

So we come to the SAQs – Should Ask Questions (FAQs was featured recently on my blog too) but these are the things you wished your potential client would ask. The things that show how fabulous you are and why you are the right choice for them. Sometimes, you could even highlight why you would not be a good choice for someone. For me that would be someone wanting an ‘admin guru’ at £10 an hour – just not doable; no correlation at all in those two areas.

For example:

  • For a graphic designer: how long will it take, how many edits do I get, what style of graphics.
  • For an accountant: how often will we meet, what is included in my payment, will I be expected to use online accounting.
  • For a printer: when will I get a proof, do you deliver, what’s the turnaround time, how much extra for design.
  • For a recruitment agency: what’s the commission, how many cvs will I get, have you met the candidates, can you help with interviews.

I’m sure you can remember saying – did you not ask x, what did they say about y and surely you mentioned z?

SAQs can really help your potential customers to recognise your knowledge and because you are a sharing it it becomes even more valuable.

Have a go and let me know what is your number one SAQ?

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