A majority of workers all over the world are working more than the necessary 8 hours to get things done.

However, it appears that the length of time spent working doesn’t necessarily translate to productivity, as only 50% of UK employees say that they are efficient at work. Personal reasons, poor time management, health issues, and distractions and interruptions in the workplace all contribute to having an unproductive day at work. However, you don’t have to log in extra hours in the office just to get all your tasks done. By following a few tips and tricks, you can certainly find a way to deliver quality work and make a valuable contribution to your company every single day. Here are 5 tried and proven ways to improve concentration and productivity at work.

Keep your mobile phone out of sight

One of the easiest ways to improve focus and concentration at work is to keep your phone out of sight. It’s almost a given that if your phone is within reach, you’ll be tempted to check text messages, social media updates, or the latest amusing video circling the Internet. According to a study, working without distraction can help you maintain your focus, so keep your phone inside a desk drawer until it’s time to clock out. If you must check your phone, consider doing it only during your lunch break and coffee break.

Prioritise tasks

Improve your concentration by making a list of things that you need to do for the day and tackle the big jobs first. Save the smaller tasks for later and try to accomplish the work that needs to be done in order of urgency. If certain tasks have a next-day deadline, then those are the ones that you should be working on first. Avoid multitasking, which can ruin your focus and lead to organisational issues.

Don’t work on an empty stomach

Skipping meals to focus on your tasks can backfire on you as it can be difficult to concentrate when you’re hungry or lack energy. But instead of preparing a cup of instant ramen, opt for healthy snacks that can promote the slow release of energy so you can focus and be more productive throughout the day. Yoghurt, berries, and cereals are better for you than crisps or cookies. Lean turkey on wheat bread or apple slices with a smear of peanut butter are also filling and healthy and won’t give you a sugar high.

Take short breaks

Working straight through the afternoon without taking a single break will not improve your productivity. But taking short breaks reenergizes your brain, allowing you to stay focused on your task. However, don’t take your break at your desk—get up and have a cup of tea or coffee, or take a 15-minute walk outside to make the most out of your break time.

Go to bed early

Planning on having a Netflix marathon after work? Save it for Friday night or the weekend. Not getting enough sleep can affect your concentration the next day, and it’s a surefire way to be unproductive in the office. Establish a bedtime routine and make it a habit to have a reasonable bedtime during the workweek to be energised and more productive at work.

We can’t always be 100% focused, but we can minimise distractions, be more organised, and look after our well-being to reduce the chances of being unproductive at work. Follow these tips to improve your productivity for a better job performance every day.

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