It’s hardly a revelation that nonstop work can take a toll on our minds and bodies. Jetting off for a week or two can help you refocus on what’s important, recoup your energy levels, and spend some all-important time with loved ones.

If you’re craving a getaway, we have a great holiday just waiting to be snapped up! Read on to see our latest deal, and discover how you can unwind free from work worries during your trip. Trust us: it’s no Greek myth…

Crete without the con

The island of Crete is marvellous to behold. As one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean, it has no shortage of things to do. Whether mountain climbing, eating amazing food by the beach, or jumping headfirst into river water is your thing, you’ll find fun for the whole family on the beautiful shores of this Greek island.

Perched above Makrygialos Bay on the island’s East side, Villa Makrygialos is a stunning spot for a family or group getaway. Only completed 2 months ago, this contemporary 4-bed villa features a private pool, air con, an iPhone docking station, BBQ and flat-screen TV, bringing a few home comforts to this rustic corner of Crete.

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Leave the rest to us

If you’re serious about taking some time off, we imagine you’re equally worried about work falling behind when you’re away. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Virtual Hand will keep your schedule and workflow intact while you enjoy some downtime.

From email enquiries to project management, our VA service can be shaped around your needs, giving our team as much or as little autonomy as you like. Sound tempting? Get in touch today for a free consultation, to discover how Virtual Hand can ensure the wheels of your business are always spinning.

Employing staff is a whole new ball game with its own set of rules. Working with a VA is an option that a great many business people are turning to. Check out my book on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant. Available on Amazon by clicking here

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