For many people making the decision to become self-employed may have been based on a number of factors, and for those of you out there looking to start your entrepreneurial journey, or perhaps you are even just at the consideration stage, I’m sure you will identify with the following:-

So why would you take the self-employed route?

  • Be able to choose the hours you work
  • Create an income doing something you love
  • Set your own targets and objectives
  • Be in control of your own success and development
  • Work with people that you choose to work with
  • Escape the rush hour commute
  • The list goes on…

Being self-employed requires discipline in order to achieve your ideal working scenario. Careful planning and implementing strategies to ensure that your business is a successful means that you need to be in the right mindset to make things happen. Also, let’s not forget the transition from employment to self-employment as it can be a hard one to make and in some cases can leave individuals feeling as if they are still working 9 ’til 5 even though they are in charge of their own time.

It can work both ways…

There’s the entrepreneur who feels in control of their business, spends time not just performing their services or producing their products, but also runs their business effectively. They work hard when they need to and play harder because they’ve hit the right balance. They don’t ‘need’ to be at their desk between those core corporate business hours and they don’t suffer from ‘busy fool-itis’. They work when it suits them and deliver great results to their clients or customers because they enjoy what they do and are not in the mindset that they are just doing their job.

Then there’s the entrepreneur who likes structure. They find it more productive to be at their desk between 9-5, have allocated time to work for each client (if working within a service based industry) and like to take the time off at the weekend and enjoy the bank holidays.

There’s no right or wrong, however there are times when business owners can lose their entrepreneurial drive. They feel as if they’re just doing what they need to do to get by, to get the job done, to earn an income. Self-employment has just become a ‘job’.

Let’s refer back to mindset.

Having the right mindset determines whether your self-employment is exactly what you want it to be, or whether you’ve fallen onto the treadmill of just getting the job done. It’s important to recognise any shifts in mindset or noticeable loss of enthusiasm in what you are doing. Are you where you want to be and doing what you want to do? Could you maybe turn to a helping hand for some support to get your self-employment mojo back?

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