Is that a question you ask yourself when the school holidays come? Your children are on holiday but you’re still working.

It’s difficult to swap and change your routine to fit in with the school holidays – especially with regular clients – but it can be done. Here are a few things to help you:

Setting expectations

Setting expectations of everyone – your clients, your children, your family and even your husband. This may mean setting clear work hours, asking for extra support from family and hubby to take the children out for a couple of hours so you can get stuff done. It would also be good to set up ‘days off’ for family trips or time to do things together – baking, reading, movie time (especially when the sun is not shining) so the calendar is clear. This enables everyone else to plan and be able to help or join in when you are free. For children; it sets time for their activities, helps them to plan and get the most from their school holidays. Although my 13yo loves to lie in during weekends and holidays (up at 6.30am on a school day) she is up for an early start if we have a day away planned. She’s also agreed to do some tennis together on a Saturday morning with me – eldest is away and hubby is at work.

So set the expectations of those around you for availability and work times. Clients are more than happy to work with you (if possible) and if you need to find an associate/stand-in then that is always something to have in the back pocket for when you are on holiday or sick.


I’ve already spoken about planning and for most business owners this is par for the course. If not, get some help with that! But planning is essential to get the best use of your time rather than working all hours through the night to have time during the day with family – you are not going to enjoy that time and will be unsustainable. Planning day trips with the children/family during the school holidays and giving them jobs to do to prepare (find your walking shoes, try your cossie on to see if it fits, where’s your sunglasses, what sandwiches are we taking, who’s checking the tent is still serviceable). Children love to help and if they have things to do they will be occupied whilst you work.


What in your business can you automate? Social media: do some extra posts and schedule them on facebook and twitter. Using Hootsuite you can also schedule for LinkedIn. Create mailings and schedule them for when you are away.

Get some help

Get a call answering service in place to look after things whilst you are away. Get an associate/stand-in/locum to look after anything urgent.

Don’t see these as weaknesses; see them as opportunities and celebrations of your success that you need these things in your life. You will then love your time off and come back refreshed and keen to get started and grow some more.

Here’s an earlier blog with my own personal tips.


Enjoy and have a fabulous holiday – with your family and friends.


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