How do you know what products your ideal client wants and needs? Do they know what services are available?

This is a little further on to finding your ideal client and knowing their pain points. Once you find out who you like to work with and what they are struggling with you then have to ensure you have the products that deliver against those pain points.

The best way is to ask them – research can come in many guises: it may be a question in a forum, a survey of your mailing list or just asking the questions at a networking event.

I’ve found out when you are networking it is really good to stick to one message in your pitch otherwise you confuse people or overwhelm them with your endless list of services. But that also doesn’t showcase your skills and people may not recognise the many things you do to help them.

You then start to hear ‘I didn’t know you did that’ or you find out that a client has gone somewhere else to get something you offer!

I’ve been hearing this so I thought I’d do something to find out what my clients and ex-clients knew about what I do.

So, I sent out a survey asking ex-clients and clients some questions about my service to find out what they knew about what I do, how I could improve and of course, the obligatory ‘what’s the experience’. It was interesting to learn what they didn’t know I did. So, here’s a roundup of things I do that you may not know about vs those things that I provide/d to clients:


Makes for interesting reading; Research, Project Management, Direct Mail and Marketing Planning aren’t purchased services so far and people didn’t think I did them.

So, the quandary is – shall I drop these services or just promote them? Obviously, I need to decide if I want to continue to offer these services in the first instance.

I’m currently undertaking Prince 2 so once that is completed I can certainly promote Project Management as I have a qualification in it – but then you find many people offer services that they are not qualified in but have bags of experience in – dilemma!

Research always bring about further thought processes and decisions about what you do, what your audience wants and to move closer to that clear message and satisfied customers.

I firmly believe it is never ending and a constant introduction of new products, new services and in all attracting new customers who may want something similar but not quite what is on offer.

Developing and adapting your business will keep you excited about your products and services and will attract new clients as well as increasing your offer to existing clients.

I love the ongoing challenge of growing my business and will strive to bring to market what my audience want and need – by tweaking, adapting or creating new stuff.

What are you doing regularly to keep serving your customers the best you can?


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