Do you know what your superpower is? It isn’t something that many business owners stop to think about, but in neglecting to spend time clarifying it, you could potentially be holding yourself and your business back from the success you want.

Throughout your day you will be carrying out a vast array of different tasks. Some you’ll be happy to do, others not so much. But when you know what your zone of genius is, you can stop trying to get good at those tasks you’re not great at and start doing more of what you love.

You have a wealth of knowledge and talent

The thing about working for yourself is you have to learn a lot of different things. You’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and talent, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at all of those things. And it may not be in the best interests of your business or yourself to spend your available time and energy on them.

Clarify your strengths and weaknesses

Clarifying your strengths and weaknesses needs to be a part of your overall business and personal development strategy. It helps you understand how failure is sometimes a good thing, and even what habits, traits and leadership mindsets may be holding your business back from the achievements you want to reach.

Understanding your zone of genius

Your zone of genius is not just something you’re good at. It’s that dominant skill, gift or attribute that stands head and shoulders above the others. The one you love doing and often, you excel at. It’s an ability or superpower that you’re great at and will tend to be something that comes easy to you.

If you want to work to your peak performance, you need to be spending most of your time within your zone of genius. Because not only is it an area you enjoy being in, but it’s also the area where you can provide your customers with the most satisfaction.

A superpower isn’t always linked to a skill

Skills can be learnt, and superpowers can help you learn a skill. However, a superpower is something you’re good at, no matter how much training you’ve had or how experienced or qualified you are. It’s a natural talent.

Often, as it’s something that comes naturally to you, you may not even notice how much of a superpower it is. That’s why it’s often helpful to ask those who know you well to help clarify where your specialist skills lay.

How to determine your superpower

It isn’t always easy to know what your superpower is, especially if it’s a natural talent you’ve always had. So if you’re wondering how to determine yours, consider the following questions:

  • What is it that you do that feels easy to you? What is that one thing that, when you’re focused on it, and you’re in the zone, you lose track of time, and it feels great doing?
  • What’s the one thing you do that others love about you? Listen to the feedback you receive and see what others constantly tell you you’re good at.
  • What are you comfortable and confident doing? The thing you enjoy stretching your abilities and learning more about it; you want to explore the boundaries of and could talk about for hours?
  • What are your proudest achievements? Often, these aren’t linked to achieving specific qualifications or goals – it’s the skill/task you had to implement whilst working towards achievement.

Gather feedback from those people who know you well

If you still need help uncovering your superpower, ask 3-5 people in different areas of your life (business, personal, hobbies and activities, friends, family etc.). Get feedback on what they love about you, what skills they associate with you and what qualities and/or talents you have that they wish they had.

Pay attention to what lights you up

You can also pay attention to what tasks and strategies etc., you use in your day that light you up. What elements of each project or task do you enjoy utilising? Which items on your list do you most look forward to getting started on?

Own your superpower

Once you know what your superpower is, it’s time to focus on that. Everything else can quite often be automated, ditched or delegated out. When you know your superpower, you can strengthen it and implement it further into your working day. But also know that it’s one of those areas in business that you can easily have control over. If you want to use it more in your business, you’ll not only reap those benefits but your team and clients will as well – and that can only be a good thing.

Want to own your superpower? Start building a team to support that. If you’re looking for help in this area, why not get in touch? Here at Virtual Hand, we help busy, ambitious business owners find time and get stuff done so they can focus on their own superpowers. Why not get in touch now, and let’s discuss options!