Sometimes it’s hard to get away with children in school, prices being hiked up in the school holidays or work commitments just get in the way!

That’s why the idea of a stay-cation might appeal to you. Spending a few days in a picturesque British locale might be just what you need, and we have an idea of where to up sticks…

Call of the wild

Everyone’s heard of the Peak District, but few have burrowed into the heart of its glorious landscape. Ladybower Reservoir sits at the bottom of Derbyshire’s Upper Derwent Valley, attracting swathes of visitors every year, who relish its monopoly of peaceful views and miles of lush wildlife.

The reservoir has a storied past: it flooded two villages upon completion, necessitating the controlled demolition of a church spire jutting from the water in 1947. The dam itself has a pair of stunning drainage features resembling giant, stone plugholes, which glitter in a vortex when the reservoir rises.

A trip to Ladybower has many things going for it, including long, breath-taking hikes in the hills, a smattering of gastro pubs, and plenty of open space for campers or cottage residents to make their own. Tie it in with one of their many organised runs anything up to 20 miles! Or not!

Getting you there, stress-free

It’s all well and good to jump in the car and inhale the sweet Ladybower air, but it can take on a sour smell if you’re worried about leaving the office to run itself. That’s where we come in – Virtual Hand can take over admin, project management and secretarial duties while you’re gone, with as much or as little control as you prefer.

Your soundness of mind is our priority. Get in touch to learn how Virtual Hand can help you squeeze in a last-minute escape.

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