Blog Post Roundup for Trainers

Putting the top 10 blogs for trainers all in one place – sure that would be useful; yes?

Trainers use a variety of tools and somethings really hold themselves back from moving forward. Such as not bothering to rebrand as they’d have to change all their presentations, handouts, materials and social media images/memes. Or taking the time to really proofread your materials, including proposals because you are just too busy. Please stop doing this – remember first impressions really do count and even if some people know you (why make them question their decision and reflect on why your documentation does not reflect what they thought of you: professional, experienced, knowledgeable and able to deliver?).

So let’s start with…

Proofreading : Do you do your own? A bonus on this topic because I am passionate about this (and love doing it!). Necessary or a waste of time?

Is rebranding holding you back? Don’t let the thought of changing your business image lead to standstill. Make your rebrand work for you and enjoy relaunching your new image.

Blogging is about sharing content, showing your expertise and really engaging with your audience to show them what you know and how that knowledge can be used to help them. Blogging for trainers demonstrates what blogging means to me and how I believe it helps any business.

What do you give your attendees? A delegate pack comes in varying different guises whether you are training or speaking at an event.

Skype your way to success a great tool to help you communicate and build relationships with your clients.

Are visual aids essential or not? I see visual aids as adding value, not replacing,

A fab guest post from a dear friend of mine – when I heard she’d gone commando I had to ask her to explain! Presentation style of course!

Preparing your documents Attending a course of any type comes the inevitable handouts and papers to take home. Or not?

How do we learn – by questions of course? So which questions are the right ones?

Invoicing systems – records and money essential!

Just a few of my blog posts but these ones are for trainers (and coaches) and hope they’ve been useful. If you’re looking for more things to raise your profile check out my freebie with 7 ways to do just that.

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