My theme for February is obviously ‘love’, how could I miss the opportunity to link a blog with Valentine’s Day in February?

We all know that if you’re in a relationship or looking for that special person it requires attention, thought and above all working at it to ensure it succeeds against all the things that life throws at us. This can sometimes be draining and rewards are few and far between.

For us self-employed business owners we have the love of our business to attend to too. There’s not a lot of difference to be honest. Attention and care is also required otherwise it can certainly become a job that you have to ‘go’ to every day and getting excited about that office, those people (if you are lucky enough to have staff) and all those hats we have to wear can be hard – if not downright difficult.

But if we continue to liken it to a romance there are things we can do to get that spark again – rekindle that love for your products or services – rising daily with a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye eager to learn what’s in store today.


Remembering the joy of that first invoice being issued, those nerves when you went to your first client meeting or crafting your first proposal? Those were good times and things may now have settled down, you may have staff that do these things for you now. Or they may still feel very raw as you strive to grow your business, retaining those clients and continually re-thinking those products and services to entice your next customer. A continual battle to hang in there and tick off another year in business to celebrate.

Let’s take a step back:

  • Why did you set up your business;
  • What did you hope to achieve; and
  • What drove you to continue even on those bleakest Sunday evenings?

Recalling the details and remembering those feelings, those hopes and dreams – focusing on the positives can bring you right back to then.

Getting out of the rut, brightening your day and moving forwards – let’s do this as many times as needed.

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I’d love to hear about your why – do post a comment below or pop over to my Facebook page and let’s have a chat.


Michelle Poole