Content is King

We all know ‘Content is King’. But where do you start when considering your content marketing strategy and how does it all tie in together?

Your Marketing Strategy and Plan needs a purpose and topics to bring it to life. Topics then create a range of ‘products’ such as social media posts, meme’s, quotes, testimonials and thoughts to share your musings, teachings and encourage engagement. All to a destination of getting more customers and realising your dreams of running your business.

Correct me if I’m wrong – is this what it’s all about?

Cornerstone marketing

It is my firm belief that your blog is the cornerstone of your marketing, your starting point to that trail of information. Slightly different to ‘cornerstone marketing’ on Yoast on your website. Which means the main piece; so you will create one piece on a topic which will be your Cornerstone and all other pieces on that topic refer to the first one. Once written you will reinforce that blog post, sharing that information far and wide, using different mediums to create engagement and interest in you and your services.

Once you’ve decided that’s what you are going to do you need a plan.

Blogging Calendar

Plans can be short or long – 90 days (3 months) or even 12 months for blogging is a great start.

Brainstorming topics and the different things you can say and show about that topic bring the content alive and enable your knowledge to shine.

Once you have a plan you can avoid that ‘blank sheet of paper’ fear of what to write and when to write it. With your plan you can also decide on where you are going to share it, what platforms to use and how automated you are going to be. Check out Square Space and Missinglettr for great platforms for sharing your blogs.

So, go ahead write down everything you offer, the services you can sell and everything you can write about them. Grouping the same stuff together will give you a topic and an array of things to talk about in your blog; over the year. Put them into a calendar by theme or topic and think about titles for those blogs – one a week or one a month; whatever you can commit to. Better to be on the safe side and do one a month and hit that rather than once a week and fall at the first hurdle/month. When you get in the mood you could write a few at the same time – the great thing about this is to schedule them so you get infront of yourself – reward of a week or so with nothing to write about.

Your plan doesn’t have to be set in stone – something might happen and you want to write about that – no problem; do as an extra or change the calendar. Remember, it’s your calendar, your business, you write the rules.


Enjoy and if you need help with brainstorming, creating a calendar or sharing your blogs – just holla.

Michelle Poole


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