I don’t mean towards your business because I am sure you will agree; they double if not triple. We will work all hours, do things people tell us, look into every opportunity for the sake of creating and building our business.

I mean in respect of your outside activities; specifically sporting or dangerous pursuits? I love working out and exercising and for me, it’s all or nothing but just lately I’ve been questioning my effort levels.

When exerting myself (with the voice of the ‘in charge’ in my ear) I don’t go all out – you have the ball, ready to pass and out of the corner of your eye you see them coming. Those ‘crash dummies’, the ones that go headlong into any situation, at full speed. Do you a) stop, b) continue without a care in the world and pass at the optimum moment or, c) pass to whoever, wherever just so you aren’t the target anymore? This is a frequent scenario when playing netball!


Opportunities to push yourself out of your comfort zone come in both mental and physical guises. Mental ones are tough but physical ones can prove fatal for your business if they put you out of action.

Recently, my attempts at starting my training has dealt me a blow whereby I am now holed up with my leg elevated, with a compression bandage on my left ankle. (High heels are off the cards at the moment!)

Fortunately, I can continue my work (my head, arms and mouth still work). It has however reduced my activity in line with face to face networking, client meetings and even getting to my office. This has not really impacted my business (short term) but know if this was a long term injury or affected my hands/arms it would be doubly difficult to continue.

Have you stopped?

So, who has actually stopped previous enjoyable activities because of this ‘fear’ or who in fact has taken out insurance in case anything should happen? Check our Death and Disease for insurance solutions for the self-employed (http://www.deathanddisease.com/).

It would certainly be interesting to find out, from those of you employed, if you have checked out the company insurance policy on activities that may impact on you turning up for work – or decreasing your effort levels in this area.

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