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The tag [TIME SAVED] shows you where a Virtual Assistant (such as Virtual Hand) can save you time by doing these elements. This allows you to do what you love in your business as well as what you are good at.

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or someone who rarely leaves the homely nest or the office, all of us at some point need to make arrangements for accommodation and transportation for business, pleasure or both.

This can be a time consuming task and often sometimes frustrating and confusing. Careful planning is involved and producing an itinerary [TIME SAVED] that makes your journey smooth and successful is a must!

So what careful planning should be considered when it comes to a stress free business trip, annual vacation or weekend getaway?

Where are you going?

This may be an obvious answer due to a dictated meeting or training course. However, just because you are attending the latest conference on team development or customer service in London, doesn’t mean you know exactly WHERE in London you need to be. Take time to research your destination [TIME SAVED]. Know where the nearest train station is or car park and if you will need to have any loose change available to pay for parking [TIME SAVED]. Make sure you have a map to hand in the event that you get lost or the venue is particularly tricky to find [TIME SAVED]. Sometimes a few telephone calls to obtain information and printing off your route [TIME SAVED] will save you no end of time in the long run.

If you are looking for an annual holiday or short break but have no idea where you would like to go, it’s worth spending some time noting down your likes/dislikes and then doing a little on-line research to find your perfect destination [TIME SAVED].

If you know where you are going, do you know what currency is required (if overseas) or if you need any vaccinations or visas? [TIME SAVED]

How are you getting there?

Are you planning on a road trip? Perhaps you need to take the train? Or are you going overseas and need a flight or ferry? Whatever method of transport you are taking it’s important to know when you need to leave to arrive on time by having an itinerary [TIME SAVED], and also any directions, flight numbers or train times and changes.

Travelling by car means you need to know your route. Ensure you have maps at the ready, a full tank of petrol/diesel, change for parking, refreshments etc. Create a check list [TIME SAVED] so you can make sure you are set to go.

Most train journeys involve a change or two, so be prepared to know your stations. Purchase your tickets in advance [TIME SAVED] as on some occasions this can be a cost saving. Don’t forget to take your favourite book to read or music to listen to so that you can relax on your journey, knowing that you are well prepared.

Flight on time? You can check this on-line [TIME SAVED] to make sure there are no disruptions in your planning arrangements. Make sure your passport is in date if travelling overseas, and if it needs renewing, ensure your application is completed [TIME SAVED] well in advance before you travel. How are you getting to the airport? Do you need a taxi booking? [TIME SAVED]

Where are you staying?

If your trip involves an overnight stay or several nights requiring accommodation, you want to make sure this is booked in preparation for your arrival. Research the area to find suitable hotels/bed and breakfasts that are convenient for your stay [TIME SAVED]. If you are a frequent traveller then you may prefer a particular chain of hotels of which some of them offer loyalty rewards. It’s worth keeping an eye out for the latest deals and making a cost saving where you can.

If you are going to arrive at your accommodation at an unsociable hour and 24 hour reception is not available, make sure you advise in advance with a telephone call [TIME SAVED]. After a long day of travel, you don’t want to arrive to a closed door.

Research the area surrounding the hotel [TIME SAVED] what amenities are nearby? Are you close to restaurants or a cash machine? Would you like to access a gym or swimming pool during your stay?

There is a lot to think about when making travel arrangements, which can often become overwhelming and time consuming. A Virtual Assistant can help you with many aspects of arranging a successful trip, so all you need to do is start your journey to meet your objective, whether it’s for business, pleasure or both.

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